{easter break} {east coast}  

It’s been quite a journey. I spent 240 hours on vacation.

In the beginning of the semester when I was budgeting, everyone had decided that Easter Break would be grand. We were keen on seeing some major cities like Brisbane, Sydney, and the Gold Coast.

Our first few nights, we stayed in a hostel in Brisbane where we made some interesting friends. We had some bunk-mate troubles and did quite a lot of walking in Brisbane. Loved shopping in town, having fancy diner lunches, and enjoying the “beach” in Brisbane.


Then, we took a bus to the Gold Coast-Surfer’s Paradise. It. was. breathtaking. I loved the miles and miles of beaches, sun, and getting tan. We also had a great time at our hostel, swimming in the waves, and pizza night with our fellow bunk mates.


 We took our bus from the Gold Coast back to Brisbane and catch our flight to Sydney!

In Sydney, we added two more travelers

The first day we got to walk around and explore the Botanical Gardens, visit the Sydney Harbor, Opera House, and take a tour of Sydney seeing the Cathedrals and statues while learning the history of Sydney and Australia.

 Next day, we had a coastal walk along Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. It nearly took nearly an hour and was pure beauty along the way. I took time to take in the beauty of the unending, crystal blue water. (i want to go back)

 On Sunday (our last day), ferries run for $2.50 on your transportation card. We took four ferries under, over, around, and between the the Bridge and the Opera House. It was so nice and lovely that day.







Finally, departure and back to home. Nearly two months ago, a flight to Melbourne was an exciting new adventure. 




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