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Melbourne wins!

Melbourne has the most amazing public transportation system in Australia. It has buses, trams, and trains running all through Victoria.

First, purchase a Myki Card which is used on all types of transportation. When you enter a bus/tram/train, simply tap on. Then, when exiting, tap off. It’s that simple! The fare will automatically be deducted from your account! The fare is either charged by the time or distance. If public transport is used all day, there is a cap on how much they will remove from your account.As an exchange student, there is an even better perk. Exchange students receive a Myki Concession Card, which makes all fare charges half off!

Now that you have your Myki loaded and ready, download the “Public Transport Victoria” app. On the app, there are many features and options. You can plan and find the closest, quickest, and most up to date route information. It provides you with maps for your routes and even navigation when you must walk to find a certain departure location. The app allows you to easily access the “Next 5” times on your typical routes into the city.

The public transportation is a blessing here allowing me to easily go to work, go to the city, go out for groceries/shopping and more. Simply tap on and tap off, to begin your journey through Melbourne!

Flinders Station  

Flinders Station, located by Federation Square, is the most used city train station. The trams run parallel to it. This train station gives every journey a city-like feel!

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Flinders Station:






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