5 things about La Trobe Uni that remind me of Berry College

There are so many things that are amazing about being here at La Trobe University, even though my heart is still at Berry and I am truly a Viking. I love the people, community, and growth that I’ve experienced there. However, here I have had a different experience and there are 5 things that are similar between both La Trobe Uni and Berry College.

  1. Agora aka Krannert Student Center: Krannert Student Center has a great coffee shop and Subway, Miso’s, and Chick-fil-a (which I miss eating). The Agora is similar but is outdoors. It has plenty of different coffee and bakery shops, the bank, my phone company, the library, a theater, and tons of places to eat  (Subway, Indian food, American food, Chinese food, and so much more). 
  2. Glider aka Berry Bus: The transportation is amazing here. It runs every 20 minutes to different areas on campus. It also goes to the nearest grocery store area like Polaris. The Glider is very reliable and runs Monday to Friday (about 8:30 am-9:30 pm). At night for the safety of the students, there is a Night Glider that runs every night from 9:30 pm- 2:00 am. To use this, simply call the Night Glider number and tell them your location and destination. This really helps if there are study sessions or if you are at the library late and don’t feel comfortable walking alone at night. 
  3. Library: The library at La Trobe University is a three-level library with different noise levels.  Level 1: Talk, Level 2: Quiet Level 3: Silent. This helps people who prefer different noise environments or need to have study groups. 
  4. Accommodations: Similar to Berry, there are different accommodation options available. Some are permanent quite residences, noise-free halls, and even alcohol free. A friendly rivalry exists between all three main accommodations (Chisholm College (12 towers), Menzies College, and Glenn College. Living in Chisholm has been amazing thus far. The people in my tower have become one huge family. Every night, everyone ends up in the kitchen cooking two minute noodles and spending time together.
    Chisholm College Towers 1-12
    Menzies College
    Glenn College 

    Other accommodation options are like Uni Lodge and Barnes Way for more mature age students. These are students typically completing their Master’s program at La Trobe Uni.

    5. International Office: Our wonderful international programs coordinator at Berry works on the third floor in Krannert. At La Trobe, the international programs office is the wonderful Sylvia Walton Building. Students, both international and local, can get help and answers for any questions they may have. International students also have access to the Global Lounge where students from different countries can spend time interacting with others.


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