Officially a “Nashie” 

“Nashie” is an international student here at La Trobe University!

Sitting in  the middle of Melbourne, within the city watching the busy night market of Queen Victoria. The diversity of people and the exchange of laughter and conversation shows the lifestyle of the people here in Melbourne.

In every corner of the city you can see people from different cultures and communities interacting each day.  On campus and in the community there are restaurants and stalls with Thai, Veitnamese, American, Indian, and other cultural foods. This immersion and community love is an amazing thing. Not only do these different cultures coexist peacefully, they help and support each other.

This first week has been a great deal of fun and great struggle. We have done tons of activities with the college and our international ambassador. The struggle has been getting adjusted to the 16 hour time difference and getting over the jet lag. Also getting used to a huge campus. In one day I have walked more than I ever would have in America. 26,000 steps and I wanted to die!!!!


Some of the fun things have been the activities and getting adjusted to the wonderful college life here.

Woolworths aka Walmart 

This is the shopping and grocery place. It’s a wonderful mix of Publix, Kroger, and Walmart.

Stalley’s/Eagle Bar 

Every Tuesday/Thursday night all the students go to hang out and enjoy the company of others. This is a great way to meet local students and engage within the community. Eagle Bar is located on campus and is easily accessible for all students.

Queen Victoria Night Market

There are tons of stalls with food and shops with local handmade crafts. During the day time, we can buy fresh fruits and vegetables and produce from the local farmers.

Sweaters on Every Tree 
I have made up this name. But I absolutely love the hand-knitted sweaters for each of the trees. These trees are given colorful sweaters and make the city look amazing.


Sweatshop is a 4-level wine and dine place. This place has a history of its own. It has been a Buddhist temple, Brothel, and a sweatshop. The place had clothes hanging from the roof and wine glasses with “Seamstress” theme. They have a cute little balcony with a view. It’s been great finding little corners in city. It was a quite place where a group of us went to enjoy the evening.


Snake Busters 

I have never been a fan of reptiles but when in Australia, I must learn and try to adapt. We had the opportunity to see some of the most deadliest snakes,crocidiles, lizards, and turtles.


White Night 

This is a once a year festival event in the city. It starts at 7pm-7am. All night, the city has light shows, dancing, performers and plenty going on. Also, bars/pubs/restaurants are open all night too. This city adventure is one you don’t want to miss.





Brighten Beach and St. Kilda beach are the two beaches roughly an hour away from La Trobe. On Sunday, we had a lazy day and enjoyed Brighten Beach, where they have colorful houses along the beach. Excited for St. Kilda and almost 94 degrees weather tomorrow!

And finally La Trobe university itself. It’s my community, my new home, and my new friends are here. I have enjoyed spending time with each and every one of them. From early morning sessions to late nights, I can’t wait for the next few months.


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