Australia Adventure 

I arrived safely to Melbourne after a long ride over from the States. I arrived to feel the warmth around me(literally burning up here when it’s hot). Since I was going alone, I did some pre-trip friends making on Facebook. A couple girls were on my flight from LAX, so it was great meeting them. 

I arrived to my dorm to quite a shock. I wasn’t ready for the miniature (aka super super tiny) room and small bathroom. Then I realized I was thinking about this all wrong.

Instead of being shocked about the size of my room or bathroom, I needed to embrace and enjoy the amazing things that God was doing for me. Because of my family, friends, and communities support I was blessed and able to start this new journey. 

 Somethings I learned and noticed: 

  1. Be thankful for the blessing and opportunity and don’t stress about the small things just yet. 
  2. Always be willing to ask for help if needed. Don’t accept defeat too quick. I lost my way about 4 times to the same place and asked for help four times.    
  3. The regular Doritos nacho cheese kind is a yellow bag. They have this really cool purple kind too that’s Thai sweet chili!! 
  4. They drive on the left side of the road so turn all directions before crossing.
  5. Before you get culture shock, you’ll get a little price shock! Australia is expensive! 
  6. Give yourself a purpose for the trip.
  7. There’s no other way to describe the feeling of travel, but love it. Love each and every moment of it. 

I’ll keep posting so keep reading. 

Lots of love from the other side, 



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